Why join?

• Opportunities to attend statewide trainings
and events
• Potential to participate in the Resist Youth
• Plan events and participate in strategies to
reduce tobacco use in Kansas
• Educate your peers about the harmful
effects of tobacco and the manipulative
marketing tactics of the tobacco industry
• Participate in local policy development and implementation in your community
• Gain experience with local and statewide activism, teambuilding, and leadership

Empower and Educate

Resist is against the tobacco industry, not the tobacco user.


Resist advocates for the de-normalization of tobacco use among Kansas’ youth and unites communities to create one voice to stand up against the tobacco industry. Youth not only participate in tobacco control prevention activities structured by this program, but they help design and implement them utilizing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Best Practices for Youth Engagement. This program was designed to influence both the state and local levels of tobacco control and prevention.

Resist is made possible with the support of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition.

Empower & Educate

Resist uses advocacy to expose, educate, and empower teens to stand up to big tobacco’s lies

Change Big Tobacco’s Influence in KS

Big tobacco is powerful, but youth voices are stronger.

Reduce Tobacco Use

We want to create the first tobacco free generation.

Our Initiatives

– Youth-led, Peer to Peer Tobacco Prevention Education

– Adoption of Tobacco and Vape Free School Policies with disciplinary protocols that support youth tobacco cessation

– Implement local tobacco retail licensing policies that make tobacco products less accessible and appealing to youth and young adults